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Volume 5, Issue 4      October - December, 2017

Yield, nutrient content and rumen in vitro digestibility of giant sensitive tree (Mimosa pigra) as dairy feed

Suntorn Wittayakun, Wera Innaree, Pat Pranamornkith

Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Lampang Campus, Lampang 52000, Thailand


The objective of this study was to evaluate quantity and quality of Mimosa pigra as dairy feed. Parts of Mimosa pigra including leaf, leaf with rachis, and seed pods were determined for yield, nutritive value, and in vitro digestibility using rumen fluid form a dairy bull. The overall percentage of feed parts including leaf, leaf with rachis, and seed pods accounted for 43.97 % fresh weight of the whole plant. The crude protein (CP) of Mimosa pigra was similar among plant parts ranged from 16.36 to 18.87% while seed pods was relatively high in ADF (P<0.05).

It was also observed that in vitro true digestibility and in vitro digestibility coefficients in leaf and leaf with rachis were higher than those in the seed pods (P<0.05). This study demonstrates that Mimosa pigra, especially leaf and leaf with rachis has potential to use for substitution or supplement in dairy ration.

Keywords: Mimosa Pigra, Giant Sensitive Tree, Nutritive Value, Digestibility, Dairy Cattle

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