Volume 7      Special Issue-2019

Trichogrammatid egg parasitoids on Lepidopteran pests in West Sumatera and their parasitization

Hidrayani*, Yunisman

Plant Protection Department, Agriculture Faculty, Universitas Andalas, Padang, Indonesia


Species diversity of Trichogrammatid egg parasitoids parasitized lepidopteran pests was studied in West Sumatera. The lepidopteran eggs were collected from rice plants, corns, cabbages, and tomatoes distributed in five regencies with different altitudes. Three species of Trichogrammatid were recorded. Trichogramma japonicum parasitized Schirphopaga incertulas and distributed in all regencies planted rice with their parasitization ranged between 3.5-27.8%. Trichogramma chilotreae parasitizing Crocidolomia binotalis was distributed in all regencies planted cabbages with parasitization ranged between 5.3-5.6%. Trichogrammatiodea sp. parasitizing Helicoverpa armigera attacking corns was only found in Solok with parasitization 18.4%. Only one species of Trichogrammatid was found to parasitize each of lepidopteran eggs. None of egg parasitoid was found to parasitize H. armigera attacking tomatoes.  No difference was shown on the parasitization level of T. japonicum between high and low land planted rice.

Keywords: Diversity, Trichogrammatidae, Lepidopteran pests

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