Volume 5, Issue 4      October - December, 2017

Survey of honeybee viruses in Syria

Humam Shaaban Barhoum, Hisham Adib Alrouz, Ahmad Mouhamad Mouhanna

Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus University, Syria.


Beekeepers in Syria have reported higher-than-usual colony losses in the last 8 years. These elevated losses average is more than 20% nationally. This study aimed to detect seven honeybee viruses in some provinces in Syria. RT-PCR was used in 240 Samples, which collected from eight provinces. It is shown that there is presence of four-honey bee’s virus (Deformed wing virus DWV, Acute bee paralysis virus ABPV, Chronic bee paralysis virus CBPV and Sacbrood virus SBV). The single viral infection rates were 100% (DWV), 18.89% (ABPV), 5.56% (CBPV) and 13.33% (SBV). DWV positivity prevalence in all studied regions, while the ABPV prevalence in four regions, and both CBPV and SBV prevalence in only two regions. This study is the first report of presence CBPV and SBV in Syria and adding a new recording of the ABPV in a new region.

Keywords: Honeybee viruses, RT-PCR, CCD

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