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Volume 7, Issue 4 October - December, 2019

Characterization of a reactive yellow-2 decolorizing zinc tolerant bacterial strain Pseudomonas sp. LT10 isolated from textile industry wastewater

Abdul Mateen Baig, Tauseef Sarwar, Lubna Taj, Yasir Bilal, Etisam Mazhar, Hafiz Rizwan Elahi, Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal, Asima Rasheed, Zahid Maqbool, Sabir Hussain
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):482-490.
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Isolation and identification of keratinolytic bacteria from Jember, Indonesia as a biodegradation agent of chicken feather wastes

Sutoyo Sutoyo, Subandi Subandi, Tri Ardyati, Suharjono Suharjono
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):491-500.
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Congress grass possess herbicidal potential against weeds in wheat fields

Muhammad Asad, Khuram Mubeen, Naeem Sarwar, Muhammad Shehzad, Mudassir Aziz, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Mudassar, Muhammad Rasheed
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):501-511.
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Prevalence study of weeds in some economic orchards trees

Haifa Abdul Aziz Sakit Alhaithloul
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):512-518.
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Multivariate assessment to determine drought tolerant genotypes to combat drought risk in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Saira Sattar, Muhammad Kashif, Rabail Afzal, Muazim Ali
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):519-530.
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Detection of bacteriocin like substances from normal skin microflora as alternative to conventional antibioti

Reazul Karim, Nuruddin Mahmud, Mohammad Abdul Hakim
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):531-537.
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Forest disturbance and degradation in western Himalayan moist temperate forest of Pakistan

Javed Iqbal
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):538-547.
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Early yield responses of three promising chili pepper hybrids to different mulch types

Fahrurrozi Fahrurrozi, Dwi Wahyuni Ganefianti
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):548-554.
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Evaluation of genotypic behavior of maize under normal and salt affected soils

Hafiz Muhammad Ali Raza, Muhammad Saqib, Saeed Ahmad, Sohail Irshad, Shahbaz Khan, Ali Bukhsh, Muhammad Ashfaq Wahid, Muhammad Iftikhar Bashir
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):555-563.
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Molecular characterization of lactoferrin gene as genetic marker to subclinical mastitis in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Yancy Ogdamin Waminal, Gabriel Alexis San Perdo Tubalinal, Claro Niegos Mingala
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):564-572.
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Salicylic acid improves yield and grain quality of hybrid maize under deficit irrigation in subtropical region

Atique-ur-Rehman, Muhammad Mohsin Altaf, Rafi Qamar
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):573-582.
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Evaluation of yield and yield components of some Turkish maize landraces grown in south eastern Anatolia, Turkey by biplot analysis

Ferhat Kizilgeci, Onder Albayrak, Mehmet Yildirim, Cuma Akinci, Behiye Tuba Bicer
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):583-592.
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Sustainable use of brackish water for cotton wheat rotation

Ghulam Qadir, Khalil Ahmed, Amar Iqbal Saqib, Muhammad Ilyas, Muhammad Qaisar Nawaz, Muhammad Sarfraz, Zaheen Manzoor
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):593-601.
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First record of in vitro growth evaluation of wild mushroom, Schizophyllum commune from Pulau Kapas in Malaysia

Nur Diyana Rosnan, Ng Lee Chuen, Andrew A. Ngadin
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):602-609.
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Performance of pheromone traps at different heights for mass trapping of Helicoverpa armigera (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) in chickpea field

Rashid Latif Ujjan, Agha Mushtaque Ahmed, Ali Zachi Abdulqader Alhilfi, Fahad Nazir Khoso, Ali Murad Rahoo, Imran Ali Rajput, Din Muhammad Soomro
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):610-616.
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The growth dynamics, chemical, amylographic profile and granular morphology changes on cassava pulp fermentation

Ir. Beni Hidayat, Udin Hasanudin, Syamsu Akmal, Muhamad Muslihudin
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):617-623.
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A study on selected anthelmintics on strongylosis along with haematology in horses in Quetta region

Muhammad Imran Hyder Baloch, Muhammad Tarique Tunio
Asian J Agric & Biol. 2019;7(4):624-630.
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