Volume 6, Issue 1 January - March, 2018

A computational approach to execute siRNA generating hotspots targeting dual DNA and RNA viral infections in potato

Amir Hameed, Shabih Fatma, Muhammad Noman, Temoor Ahmed, Javed Iqbal Wattoo
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):1-11.
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Sensitivity of legumes and soil microorganisms to residue of herbicide mixture of atrazine and mesotrione

Marulak Simarmata, Puji Harsono, Hartal Hartal
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):12-20.
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Effects of water stress on growth, yield, quality and physiological responses of two stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) varieties in Rabat region, Morocco

Abderrahmane Benhmimou, Mohammed Ibriz, Chaouki Al Faïz, Fatima Gaboun, Naima Shaimi, Fatima Zahra Amchra, Mounira Lage
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):21-34.
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Intra-specific variations among wheat genotypes for phosphorus use efficiency

Muhammad Abbas, Muhammad Irfan, Javaid Ahmed Shah, Muhammad Yousuf Memon
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):35-45.
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Co-inoculation of auxin producing PGPR and rhizobia enhanced growth of Vigna mungo (L.) under cadmium stress

Rabiya Ikram, Basharat Ali
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):46-54.
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Improving the growth of Centella asiatica using surfactant modified natural zeolite loaded with NPK nutrients

Noor Asyraf Noor Azman, Nik Ahmad Nizam Nik Malek, Norfarah Syuhaidah Mohd Noor, Muhammad Arshad Javed
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):55-65.
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In vitro and In vivo antioxidant effect of Spirulina platensis against Lead induced toxicity in rats

Thura Alyasiri, Salah Alchalabi, Ithar AlMayaly
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):66-77.
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Duration of storage and positioning of the egg before brooding: effect on the internal quality and hatchability parameters of local chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) eggs in Cote d’Ivoire

N’dri Aya Lydie, Ahouchi Simon Valencourt, Fofana Nambate, Yapi Jean Noel
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):78-82.
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Biogenic synthesis of iron nanoparticles from Catharanthus roseus

Beenish Zia Butt, Sumera Javad, Saba Zia
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):83-89.
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Efficacy of Biomax and Fiprokill against Heterotermes indicola (Wasmann)

Ayesha Aihetasham, Muhammad Saeed Akhtar, Tayyaba Bibi, Imran Bodlah
Asian J Agri& Biol. 2018;6(1):90-94.
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Biochemical and pathogenic potential characterization of Serratia plymuthica UBCR_12 as promising biological agents for controlling Colletotrichum gloeosporioides

Jamsari Jamsari, Rahmi Kamelia, Sumaryati Syukur, Lily Syukriani, Istino Ferita
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):95-102.
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Chemical characteristics, phytochemicals and cacao shell toxicity changes during the processing of cocoa beans

Mohamad Djali, Imas Siti Setiasih, T. Sumondang Rindiantika
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):103-114.
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Salicylic acid improves physiological traits of Zea mays L. seedlings under copper contamination

Nosheen Elahi, Muhammad Ishaq Asif Rehmani, Abdul Majeed, Muhammad Ahma
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):115-124.
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Effect of insecticides on Coccinella septempunctata (Coleoptera; Coccinellidae); A review

Aqsa Sattar, Iqra Azam, Muhammad Kaleem Sarwar, Afifa Amjad, Muhammad Faheem Malik
Asian J Agri & Biol. 2018;6(1):125-134.
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