Volume 1, Issue 3 July-September, 2013

Growth and yield response of three chickpea cultivars to varying NPK levels

Abdur Rashid, M. Ishaque, Kiran Hameed, Muhammad Shabbir and Muhammad Ahmad
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):95-99.
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Comparative assessment of wheat cultivars and sowing dates under agro-climate of Sheikhupura, Pakistan

Muhammad Abu Sufyan, Azhar Mahmood, Anser Ali, Muhammad Mudassar Maqbool and Muhammad Ahmad
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):100-104.
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Morphological identification of Aspergillus species from the soil of Larkana district (Sindh, Pakistan)

Hina Afzal, Saleem Shazad and Syeda Qamar Un Nisa
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):105-117.
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Specific biomarker for sexing pupae in groundnut pest, Amsacta albistriga (Lepidoptera: Arctiidea)

Chandrasekar R, Murugan K and Bhatacharyya A
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):118-126.
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Effect of different levels of nitrogen and plant population on growth and yield of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Muhammad Aslam, Ashiq Hussain Sangh, Laila Khalid and Shamaun Javed
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):127-132.
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Effect of edible coatings of carboxy methyl cellulose and corn starch on cucumber stored at ambient temperature

Adetunji Charles Oluwaseun, Arowora Kayode A, Fawole Oluyemisi Bolajoko, Adetunji Juliana Bunmi and Olagbaju AR
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):133-140.
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Crop stand and phenology of wheat as affected by integrated use of organic and inorganic fertilizers

Sajjad Khan, Shad Khan Khalil, Amanullah and Zahir Shah
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):141-148.
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Enzyme analysis of endophytic new Streptomyces sp.viji10 isolated from velamen roots of orchid plant Vanda spathulata (L.) spreng

G. Senthilmurugan @ Viji, S. Sekar and K. Suresh
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):149-154.
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Marine macro algae Ulva: a potential feed-stock for bio-ethanol and biogas production

Anam Saqib, Muhammad Rizwan Tabbssum, Umer Rashid, Muhammad Ibrahim, Saba Shahid Gill and Muhammad Aamer Mehmood
Asian J Agri Biol, 2013, 1(3):155-163.
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