2022(3)      July - September, 2022

Response of groundnut to lime sources on acid sandy loam

Nwite James Nte1*, Igwe Thomas Sunday1, Akande Oluyemi Solomon2, Enyioko Chimezie Onyeogoziri2, Nwibo Simon Uguru3,  Mbam Boniface Nwangele3, Orji Jephter Ebuka4

1Department of Soil Science and Environmental  Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

2Federal College of Land Resources Technology, Owerri, Nigeria

3Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria

4Department of Agriculture, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ikwo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria


Soil acidity causes a lot of productivity losses annually. The possibility of determining response of groundnut to lime-treated acid sandy loam was studied. The treatments comprise control (0) and 0.2tha-1 or 0.32kg plot-1 each of limes in research farm at Ebonyi State University, Nigeria. Field was laid out in randomized completely block design (RCBD) with five replications and plot dimensions of 4x4m. All treatments received uniform agricultural practices. Data were analyzed using statistical analysis system. Results indicate significant (P < 0.05) reductions of bulk densities by woodash at 13% each and increased hydraulic conductivities by 35 and 61% compared to control for the two seasons. Calcium Oxide recorded 11 and 14% significant increase of MWD as CaCo3 and woodash improved pH at significant levels of 18 and 14% for the same seasons. Total N significantly increased at 13 and 7% each for CaCo3 and CaO for the seasons. Maximum significant levels of 32 and 30% for Ca, 15 and 23% for Na and 29% each for BS were obtained for woodash for the same seasons. Calcium Carbonate induced maximum germination counts of 100 and 99% <5DAP and significant plant heights  of 10 and 7%, pod yields of 57 and 55% as well as seed yields of 30 and 26% for two the seasons. Production losses of 89 and 76% in groundnut were recorded within the two seasons due to non-amendment. The present investigation suggests that soil physical and chemical properties as well as groundnut yield can be maximally improved by CaCo3 or wood ash at 0.2t ha-1 or 0.32 kg plot-1 and minimally by CaO.

Keywords: Acid, Groundnut, Lime, Response, Sandy loam

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