Volume 6, Issue 4      October - December, 2018

Prevalence and incidence of Tikka disease (Cercospora spp.) of groundnut in Pothwar region of Punjab

Muhammad Aslam, Khola Rafique*

Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides, Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Punjab, Pakistan


To monitor Tikka or Cercospora leaf spot disease of groundnut, surveys were carried out in the groundnut areas of four major districts of Pothwar region viz. Chakwal, Attock, Jhelum and Rawalpindi during main crop season in 2017. To assess prevalence and incidence of Tikka disease, 997 farmer’s fields were visited. Clear disease symptoms were noted in the fields during the season. The disease prevalence ranged from 7.85 to 45% where highest prevalence was recorded in district Jhelum (45%) and lowest in Attock (7.85%). The disease incidence also varied and ranged from 9.35 to 22.48%. The highest mean disease incidence (22.48%) was observed in district Chakwal, whereas the lowest (10.57%) was observed in district Rawalpindi. The results of the study indicated that Tikka disease is significantly distributed in all the major groundnut producing districts of Pothwar region therefore, timely and possible management strategies are of vital importance to control this potential threat.

Keywords: Cercospora, Tikka disease, Leaf spot, Incidence, Prevalence

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