2023(2)      April - June, 2023

Performance of broiler birds on feeding natural anti stressors in summer during heat stress

Ali Salman Ajmal1, Zahid Hussain2*, Muhammad Moazam Jalees3, Jamila Shafi4, Sohail Manzoor5, Anwar ul Haq6

1Department of Poultry Production, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

2Livestock & Dairy Development Department, Lahore, Pakistan

3Department of Microbiology, Cholistan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

4Poultry Disease Laboratory, L&DD, Samundri, Pakistan

5Animal Disease Diagnostic, Reporting and Surveillance, L&DD, Lahore, Pakistan

6Veterinary Research Institute, L&DD, Lahore, Pakistan


This study was planned to assess the effectiveness of natural anti heat stressors on the broilers during hot climate. Three hundred one day old broiler birds were divided into four treatments groups, yoghurt, garlic powder and mint and a control group. After two weeks of rearing, data were recorded for growth performance, carcass and visceral organ yield and immune response against Newcastle Disease. Statistical analysis revealed that growth performance (weight gain, carcass weight and cumulative feed conversion ratio (FCR) was significantly improved with garlic powder, but feed intake remained non-significant. Dressing% and breast% were also significantly higher in garlic fed birds and similar effect was observed for intestinal length. Among visceral organs, liver% was improved upon garlic supplemented broiler but heart and gizzard were not influenced by dietary treatments. Additionally, garlic powder in feed also resulted in significantly higher antibody titer against Newcastle disease. It was concluded that garlic as natural anti-heat stressor has significant positive influence on the performance of heat stressed broilers.

Keywords: Broiler birds, Heat stress, Garlic, Mint, Yogurt

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