Volume 7, Issue 2      April - June, 2019

Optimization of culture media for protease production by Aspergillus fungi

Raushan Blieva*1, Nurlan Akhmetsadykov1, Aigerim Zhakipbekova1, Aigul Kalieva2, Zhanar Rakhmetova1

1Department of Biochemistry, RPE Antigen, Almaty, Kazakhstan

2Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov, Aktobe, Kazakhstan


Proteases are among the most important hydrolytic enzymes which have great potential in various industrial processes such as leather, detergent, textile, food, feed industries. Although many microorganisms produce these enzymes, in the recent period Aspergillus fungi have most widely been used for proteases production. The production of protease enzymes has been affected by a variety of physical and chemical factors, such as inoculum concentration, time of incubation, pH, temperature, carbon, nitrogen and mineral sources etc. However, composition of the cultivation medium (carbon and nitrogen sources) play significant role in enzymes production. The aim of the present study was the selection of suitable carbon and nitrogen sources of Aspergillus awamori 16 and Aspergillus awamori 22 mixed cultures for maximal production of extracellular protease. Sucrose (4.2 U/ml) and peptone (4.8 U/ml) were found as the best carbon and nitrogen sources, respectively.

Keywords: Protease, Aspergillus fungi, Carbon sources, Nitrogen sources

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