2023(4)      October - December, 2023

Mitigation of climate crisis from rice paddy field by tillage combination in central China

Chengfang Li1, Shahrear Ahmad2*, Cougui Cao1

1MOA Key Laboratory of Crop Ecophysiology and Farming System in the Middle Researches of the Yangtze River, College of Plant Sciences and Technology, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 4300, PR China

2Department of Botany, Jagannath University, Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh


We have tested the tillage combination to study methods that help curtail the release of greenhouse gasses from rice paddy fields have had on the climate and contrasted the potential outcomes for rice production (Oryza sativa L.), no-tillage plus no fertilizer (NT0), conventional tillage plus no fertilizer (CT0), conventional tillage plus compound fertilizer (CTC), no-tillage plus compound fertilizer (NTC) by measuring ammonia volatilization and greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) from paddy fields for rice throughout the year of 2018 in the subtropical area of central China. The mean NH3 volatilization in CT0 was 9.55% greater than that in NT0 by (p>0.05), and for NTC, it was 11.30% (p>0.05) lower than in CTC. In comparison to CT0, the mean CH4 emission flux in NT0 was 1.12% (p>0.05) lower, but the mean CH4 emission flux in CTC was 28.34% (p> 0.05) higher than that in NTC. The mean N2O emission flux in NT0 was 174.72% (p˂0.05) lower than in CT0. The average flux of N2O emission in CTC was 47.90% (p˃ 0.05) greater than in NTC. We compared the IGWPs based on N2O, CH4, and CO2 emission flux. CT0 had the lowest (non-significant) recorded amount at 12097.43KgCO2.ha-1 of GWPs, which was only 397.5KgCO2.ha-1 lower than that in NT0. CTC had the highest recorded amount at 20042.72KgCO2.ha-1 of GWPs, which was 2292.53KgCO2.ha-1 higher than that reported in NTC. NTC system to be the superior, sustainable method for mitigating the harmful effects of GHG emissions contributing to the climate crisis by way of rice production in rice paddy fields.

Keywords: Rice cultivation, Climate crisis, No-tillage, Conventional tillage, GHG, NH3 volatilisation

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