Volume 7, Issue 3      July - September, 2019

Foliar application of Chitosan modulates the morphological and biochemical characteristics of tomato

Ibrar Hussain, Sohail Ahmad, Izhar Ullah, Imran Ahmad, Mehboob Alam, Sajid Khan, Sumbal Ayaz

Department of Horticulture, The University of Agriculture Peshawar, Pakistan


Chitosan is a very important linear polysaccharide used in agricultural and horticultural practices primarily for plant defense and yield increase in recent decade. This proposed research study was conducted at the Ornamental Nursery Horticulture Department, The University of Agriculture Peshawar to investigate the response of foliar application of chitosan on vegetative growth and quality characteristics of tomato during the year 2016 using experimental design Complete Randomized Design (CRD) with one factor repeated three times. Tomato plants were sprayed with different chitosan concentration (0, 30, 60, 90, 120 mg/1000ml) with 25 days interval under plastic tunnel condition. The analysis of results showed significant effect of chitosan concentration on all growth and quality attributes of tomato. The results of foliar application of chitosan on different growth (number of leaves plant-1, number of branches plant-1 and plant height) and quality traits of tomato (chlorophyll content, , dry matter content, total nitrogen content and total phosphorus content) were found significantly higher @ 90 mg/1000ml than other concentration of chitosan. On the basis of above results, it is concluded that tomato plant could be sprayed with chitoson @ 90 mg/1000ml for achieving maximum growth and quality of tomato under plastic tunnel condition.

Keywords: Chitin, Chitosan, Phytoalexins, Natural defense, Adaptability

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