2023(2)      April - June, 2023

Establishment of rice yield prediction model using soil compaction

Van Huu Bui, Huu Cuong Nguyen, Quang Hieu Ngo*

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Can Tho University, Vietnam


Soil compaction has a real effect on rice yield in the Mekong Delta. Two field experiments were carried out during 2019 Summer-Autumn and 2020 Summer-Autumn in An Giang Province (Mekong Delta). OM18 rice was cultivated in the plots which were laid out in a randomized complete block design measuring 0.5 × 0.5 m with 5 and 6 m alley between blocks and between plots. The Pearson’s correlation test was applied to compare the mean and standard deviation of the soil layers and evaluate the correlation between soil compaction and rice yield in both crops. The present research results showed that the value of soil compaction increased with depth and differed among locations in the rice field. Soil compaction at 10 cm from the surface had a positive correlation with rice yield. Therefore, the prediction model of rice yield is able to build up due to soil compaction at 10 cm from the surface. Moreover, this study provides that the value of 10 cm soil layer compaction ranging between 165 and 190 kPa can be the optimal value of soil tillage for paddy rice cultivation with the highest yield in the Summer-Autumn crop.

Keywords: Soil depth, Soil compaction, OM18 rice, Rice yield, Prediction model

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