Volume 4, Issue 1      January-March, 2016


Muhammad Younas1*, Momna Abdul Rehman2,

Abdi Hussain3, Liaqat Ali4 and Masood Qadir Waqar5

1Senior Subject Matter Specialist (FM&FE), Adaptive Research Farm, Sheikhupura,

2Assisant Research Officer (FM&FE), Adaptive Research Farm, Sheikhupura,

3Senior Scientific Officer, Social Sciences Research Institute, NARC, Islamabad,

4Assistant Research Officer, Adaptive Research Farm, Sheikhupura,

5Director of Agriculture, Adaptive Research Punjab, Lahore


The study was conducted in three of the four districts of Adaptive Research Zone, Sheikhupura; which contains Sheikhupura, Lahore and Kasur districts for economic comparison of direct seeded (DSR) and transplanted super basmati rice during Kharif-2014. Average yield, cost of production, net economic benefits and benefit cost ratio for DSR and transplanted rice was calculated. Extent of area under DSR technology was also determined. Farmers growing both DSR and transplanted rice were selected using purposive sampling technique and sample size was 36. Data was collected by face to face interview by using a well-structured questionnaire having personal, farm related and cost variables. The results revealed that DSR technology was adopted on 22.8% of rice area on surveyed farms. Average paddy yield, total cost of production, net economic benefits per hectare and BCR for direct seeded rice were 3.09, Rs.112047, Rs.15014, 1.11 and for transplanted the figures were 3.19, Rs. 134882, Rs.-8433, 0.95 respectively. Thus, in the year 2014, farmers gained profit from practicing DSR technology and born loss from transplanted rice crop. It was found that farmers were growing DSR through seven different sowing methods and using different seed rates. Moreover, weeds infestation is a major problem in DSR technology that can be overcome through a combination of cultural as well chemical control methods. It was concluded that DSR is a promising technology subject to weeds management. Better coordination between research, extension and farming community can bring fruitful results with respect to adoption of DSR technology.

Keywords: DSR, Transplanted rice, Net Benefits, BCR

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