2024(2)      April- June, 2024

Controlled mycorrhization of Peganum harmala L by desert truffle Terfezia claveryi chatin from the eastern region of Morocco

Halima Bouchentouf¹*, Wissame Chafai¹, Abdelmajid Bechchari², Abdesselam Maatougui², Ahmed Khalid¹

¹Laboratory for the Improvement of Agricultural Production Biotechnology and Environment, Faculty of Sciences, Mohammed I University, Oujda 60000, Morocco

²National Institute of Agronomic Research, CRRA Oujda, 10 Bd Mohamed VI, B.P. 428, 6000 Oujda, Morocco


This work aims to study the effects of mycorrhization of Terfezia claveryi on the growth of Peganum harmala L. It takes place in two types of substrates: sandy-loamy soil, (from the natural habitat of the desert truffle in eastern Morocco (Beni Mathar)) and peat, under controlled conditions. The intensity and frequency of mycorrhizae are thus compared for the two substrates. The roots of Peganum harmala L on sandy-loamy soil, are characterized by low levels of organic matter, phosphorus and nitrogen, these roots form with Terfezia claveryi a typical arbuscular endomycorrhizae. The intensity and frequency of mycorrhization are found to be higher (30% and 96.66%, respectively), than in roots of the same plant inoculated with the same fungus, on peat rich in organic matter and phosphorus (20.25% and a frequency of 58.66% respectively). The symbiotic associations between Peganum harmala L and Terfezia claveryi on peat, lead to the formation of ectomycorrhizae with a Hartig net without fungal mantle. These results demonstrate the plasticity of Terfezia claveryi to form different mycorrhizal types. The parameters of Peganum harmala L inoculated with Terfezia claveryi on sandy-loamy soil, are higher than those of seedlings inoculated on peat. Mycorrhization of Peganum harmala L with Terfezia claveryi, under in vivo culture conditions was achieved for the first time. These encouraging results prompted us to perform a transplant in Beni Mathar. The objective is to observe their growth and development and to verify whether this Terfezia-Peganum harmala L combination, leads to the formation of sporocarps in the field.


Keywords: Terfezia claveryi, Peganum harmala L, Inoculation, Arbuscular Endomycorrhizae, Ectomycorrhizae

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