Volume 8, Issue 1      January - March, 2020

Analysis of genotype-environment interaction in fennel using Sudoku design

Ali F. Al-Mehemdi1*, Medhat M. Elsahookie2, Mohammed H Al-Issawi3

1Center of Desert Studies, University of Anbar, Iraq

2Department of Field Crops Sciences, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad, Iraq

3Department of Field Crops Sciences, College of Agriculture, University of Anbar, Iraq


Two trials were carried out over two locations, Ramadi and Fallujah included nine genotypes of Fennel, in order to assess the interaction between genotypes (G) and locations (E) using real data from the two experiments. The nine genotypes of fennel were randomly distributed under with Sudoku square design using type-I and model-I for combined analysis. The methodologies of this type and model solution were explained in details in the current study. Genotypes were significantly differed (P>0.01) in the first location. In the combined analysis, the genotype by location (G X E) interaction was also significant (P>0.01) which is due to the effect of the genotype. It can be concluded that Sudoku square design is suitable for selecting better genotypes as a honeycomb design and to test the multi-environment trial yield. Therefore, augmented studies should be conducted to extract the efficiency of this design using other types and models embedded in this design.

Keywords: GxE interaction, Fennel, Locations, Sudoku design

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