Manuscript Submission

Article Submission

General Submission Instructions

  • Type all as double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and do not right justify text.
  • Use the font Times New Roman with a size of 12 point.
  • Left-justify the title, author line, affiliation lines, subheadings, text and references cited.
  • Insert tabs, not spaces, for paragraph indents.
  • Use italicization only to indicate scientific names (including viruses), symbols or variables, and words that are defined.
  • Use quotation marks for quoted material only.
  • Use Oxford dictionary English spelling throughout.
  • Number pages consecutively, beginning with the title page.
  • Begin each of the following on a separate page and arrange in the following order: title page, abstract and key words (three to six words), text, acknowledgments, references cited, footnotes, tables, figure legends, and figures.
  • Type all captions on a separate page and put each figure and table on a separate page.

Appeal of a Rejection

An author can appeal against editor's decision to reject a manuscript for publication to the Journal’s Editorial Board. To appeal against a rejection, the author must send the following items to the Chief Editor:

  • A letter that explains why the author has chosen to appeal the rejection. The letter should address specific reasons provided by the editor for the rejection
  • The editor’s letter of rejection
  • The reviewers’ comments